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We Specialize in Quality, Large Vocabulary Exotic Pets. We Occasionally Sell Rare Color Mutations Also

We sell exotic birds Greys while on bottle feedings, and baby Greys parrots that are fully weaned. We also sell proven breeding pairs, so you can experience the ultimate joy of breeding your own baby exotic birds. We help you and walk you through it every step of the way. Were always here for you and to answer any and all questions you may have. A closed aviary means that we do not allow visitors into our aviaries. We cannot risk any germs or diseases from the outside world. (This way we can guarantee our birds excellent health) Please don’t take this wrong, but everyone has germs on the soles of their shoes, on their hands, clothes, etc. We have one day old chicks here, that are too young to be immune, the babies can become sick extremely fast and die. Therefore this is our home and we must keep the baby birds safe and free of germs until they are ready to go to their new adoptive homes.

We do not bring in new exotic birds; rather, we raise our own breeders from their own offspring. If we do purchase birds from an outside source, we quarantine them for 30 days to make sure they are well and free of any illness or disease.

This process has given us the ability to say we raise the highest quality, healthy, excellent, African Greys in the world. We take much pride in what we do. Thanks for understanding. We will hand deliver any exotic birds baby or adult exotic birds breeding pair right to your door. Or we will safely ship right to your local airport. Same day or next day delivery available. We understand the anticipation of expecting and wanting your new exotic bird baby fast.

I just wanted to say thank you. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you. Your regular updates and photos of Riley kept us constantly informed and it felt like he was part of our family way before we picked him up. It’s only day 3 with Riley but he seems very comfortable. He doesn’t stop eating and is pretty confident. He is already very cuddly towards us. We have 2 dogs who have also welcomed him to the family. Our large Burnese Mountain dog is very intrigued by Riley and Riley is very comfortable around the dogs. We can’t believe how tame he is… This is a credit to you and shows how much care you put into to all your parrots. We will certainly keep in touch and thank again for raising Riley so well!



ust a short note to let you know Ozzie has settled in here very well. He has his toys and eats well. will send photos soon…..he shakes hands and shakes his head “no” when he doesn’t want to do something hahahaha so cute.



Just wanted to say thank you for our little mate Guiseppie. And yes, our little boy has already said the word “hello”! He decided to exercise his speaking ability last night whilst we were entertaining some friends. We were at the the dinner table talking and suddenly a little voice started saying “hello, Hello”. We just can’t believe that our little boy has learnt to talk after only a couple of weeks with us. I am back to work next week but the kids who are at Uni, are in and out all day. I’m sure he’ll pick up quite an interesting vocabulary. He likes to climb into his jolly ball where he starts talking away. Makes us chuckle as he sounds like a chimpanzee. Once again thank you for raising an affectionate little bird who loves his cuddles and who was able to settle into the household so quickly.

Grace Palmer


Thank you so much with all your help with our new quaker parrot he has settled in in just 1 week and thinks he is part of the family already. hope to recommend you to our friends if they are ever looking for a pet
thank you



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