About Our Company

Our Prerogative is to  safe, clean and fun environment with a headquaters Port blair and other countries such as South Africa,Belarus and USA, Frontline Pet Services provides a host of services like Breeding, Raising, Taking care of, Buying / Selling and Exporting / Importing Cats,Horses,Dogs and Birds.

The Frontline facility has clean and well-maintained kennels and cages with all the resources needed for ensuring safe and secure pet care.

Whether, your pet needs a look-over care for a session or a place to play, you can rest assured that at Frontline, your pet will be taken care of as if our own.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a pet dog or bird OR looking for a place where your pet dog or bird can be raised or taken care of, Frontline is the right destination wherein you can feel rest assured that your pet has a rocking stay.

We are the only local organization that is dedicated to rehabilitating and protecting wild parrots. Our three core organizational values are to Rescue, Educate, and Protect.  San Diego has thousands of wild and naturalized parrots thriving, yet their population numbers continue to decline in their historically native habitats. An element that drives our organization is that some species of our local parrots are listed as Endangered. These same parrots are taken from nests as babies and sometimes even smuggled across borders illegally for the pet trade. SoCal Parrot believes that these birds are intelligent and unique. We hope to keep them wild and protected for future generations to enjoy

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