About Us

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Our Purpose

About us, we are here to make the world know that there are still breeders out here who breed and rescue birds so they can attain their natural life course or get the opportunity to experience the world of humans.

We have birds of different breeds available. About us. There are rescue birds, birds incubated from their various egg species and then hand fed until they get to the right age to be able to leave us and go to new homes.

We have birds species like the Amazon Parrots, Solomon Eclectus Parrots, Lutino Lovebirds, Lorikeet birds,Golden Conures, Parakeets, African Grey Parrots, Cockatoos, Macaw/Hybrid Macaws, also available are rare birds and also birds of preys which are not actually on our site, but we can have any available for you ONLY UPON SPECIAL REQUEST AND IF WE ARE SURE THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO HANDLE SUCH BIRDS.

It is our pride to enable all our clients/buyers/families of interests to experience the love and compassion that they will get from these birds are priceless. We also enable that these birds are at their VERY BEST AND TOP HEALTHY CONDITIONS. They will come home with their toys, health certificates, food manual and also some food.

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