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Cockatoos are often referred to as “velcro” birds, because of their highly sociable nature. Buy Cockatoo Online. A cockatoo is a loving but demanding bird. Cockatoos are sometimes described as emotional birds as they are.

Cockatoos stand out from other parrot species with their dramatic features. Cockatoo species include: Black palm, Major mitchell, Galahs, Gang gang, Umbrella, Goffins, and the Moluccans. The crest feathers, dusty feathers, and varying shades of white, pink, grey and black. Buy Cockatoo Online. Pet cockatoos are often referred to as “velcro” birds because of their highly sociable nature and borderline. They have obsessive need to be around the people in their lives. Cockatoos range in size from medium to large.

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Buy Cockatoo. Cockatoos are often given up for adoption due to behaviour issues, which makes this a bird that needs to be fully researched and carefully considered. Ideally, a new cockatoo owner should work with an experienced cockatoo breeder and/or avian behaviourist early on to set a cockatoo up for success as a companion pet.

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